Fake Your Own Mothman Sighting

Curious City "Fakes a Mothman Sighting" Over City Hall

Curious City “Fakes a Mothman Sighting” Over City Hall with “Mothman Cut-Out Sheet”

For every sighting of a cryptozooilogical creature, there may be an equal number of FAKED sightings.

Curious City will encourage this bad behavior this summer by offering readers the tools to Fake Their Own Mothman Sighting with the following print and digital tools!

Doing so will celebrate Mothman’s Curse by Christine Hayes and illustrated by James K. Hindle (Roaring Brook Press), the middle grade novel Kirkus Reviews called “an ectoplasmic extravaganza”!

Fake Your Own Mothman Sighting
View, Download & Print Mothman Cut-out Sheet (PDF)
Download Digital Mothman (.png)

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(Thanks to illustrator James K. Hindle for designing our concept!)

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Mothman Cut-out Sheet