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Curious City believes strongly that when you engage readers with story and subject beyond the page, you create committed readers. When you provide children’s programmers (librarians, educators, literacy specialists, parents, and booksellers) with free activities to engage with those readers, you create strong discovery for your title. Every time an engagement tool is used, your book in introduced.

Each of the Chapter Book & Middle Grade Discovery Tools (fiction and non-fiction) we create are instantly shared with our 2,000+ children’s book programmer (educators, librarians, booksellers, literacy group and parents) subscribers on our sister site and are often shared in book professional forums with five times that circulation.  The tools remain in our “catalog” of kidlit engagement tools indefinitely, creating discovery for your books long after launch.

While we embrace all chapter books and middle grade books from silly to sublime, we are especially suited to create discovery tools for global, multicultural, and social action themed books.



Unless requested, Curious City does not write curriculum. Instead we create activities that can be used in the classroom, at an event at a bookstore or library, or in a community setting.  You will never see us push out a standard crossword or word search as an activity, every activity is unique to the story.   From frog-shaped paper lanterns to STEM card games to Service Learning Projects to Ancient Greek riddles, we engage your readers with story through play, discussion, and social action.

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Curious City creates Discussion Guides for novels that engage educators and readers with the deep content of your novels.  These guides are not just chapter-by-chapter discussion questions.  We are known for addressing and preparing educators, librarians, and other children’s literature programmers for in-depth conversations with readers about race, culture, and social action.

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Some chapter books are perfect for after-school, summer, and parent/child book clubs.  For those novels, we combine chapter-by-chapter discussion questions with some of the trappings of an engaging book club experience.  We include materials to introduce and advertise the book club, ideas for book-themed snacks, and a whole series of hands-on activities.

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Books have so many hidden secrets within their pages.  One way we create discovery for books is to create  elaborate games that use a library or bookstore’s collection as the hiding place for a series of linked clues.  As readers solve the clues, they are introduced to tantalizing bits of the book’s story line.  Librarians use these games to introduce readers to the layout and use of a library space or to simply bring ninjas, steampunk witches, and the London sewers (!) into readers’ imaginations.

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Curious City produces celebrations of fiction and non-fiction in video form. Explore our Book Trailers and Author and Illustrator Profile videos.