Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions!
Here are our frequent answers…

Do you have any advice about getting published?
Our work and expertise is in the marketing of a book that is published or about to be published, not in getting published.  We suggest you turn to the wise folks at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and pick up a copy of the current edition of the book,  Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market for advice on getting published.  It is an interesting journey and we respect you for embarking on it.

Will you give me advice about the ‘marketability’ of my manuscript?
We are not editors or art directors that can imagine outcome (sadly).  We area  group that can imagine readers when a complete book is in our hands already kissed by the influence of said editors and art directors.  But please come back when your manuscript has been picked up by a publisher and we can start work right away!

Do you work with adult authors?
We do not.  We live in the world of children’s literature and find our attention span wanders when our client’s books get too thick and have too many words we have to look up in dictionaries.

Do you market self-published e-books or self-published print books?
We deeply admire the fortitude that it takes to publish a book on your own.  Marketing a self-published title involves handling many issues of distribution that are not inherent to a traditionally published book.  Because of the number of current projects Curious City has and because we do not feel well-versed in all of the challenges of self-publication distribution, we do not (sadly) work with self-published creators at this time.

Are you a publicist?
No, we are not actually publicists, we are marketing consultants.  Small nuance?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Publicists tend to focus on traditional media, appearances, and managing a book’s launch.  Curious City creates marketing projects that are story-based and that reach out in unique ways to target audiences.

Do you work with authors and illustrators outside of your area?
Absolutely.  We are based in Portland, Maine, but work with creators all over the world.

Do you coordinate efforts with the publishers in-house marketing team?
Indeed we do.  We like to view ourselves as one more person added to your book team.