Getting Started with Curious City

Videographer Fred Ben & Curious City’s Kirsten Cappy Working Picture Book Creator Daniel Minter

We are curious about you as a creator and most certainly curious about your story.

If you have explored our mission, our FAQ’s, and even a little about our team, let’s get started on how we might work together.

1) When to Get Started. There is no bad time to start. We have been booked for projects 2 years before publication and 10 years after. Ideally, though, we would like to see your middle grade or YA (fiction or non) by the final round of edits and picture books as soon as illustrations/design are (even roughly) in place.

2) The Read. We read your book before we have any conversations about marketing your title. Asking about what we will do for your book before we read is like asking us to describe a landscape that we have not yet visited.

3) Send the Book. We will look at your book in any form. PDF works beautifully as we read manuscripts on the iPad most readily. Our email is and our mailing address is Curious City | 8A Merrill Street | Portland, ME 04101.

4) Post-Read Email. We will be in touch via email to schedule a call (or a face-to-face when possible) as soon as we finish your book. We never mind a check-in to see where your book is in the “to read” pile.

5) Brainstorm Call. Kirsten Cappy will spend 45 minutes to an hour with you sharing our ideas, listening to your ideas, finding out what you are comfortable doing and what your marketing connections might be. This will be a non-linear conversation. Kirsten thinks best in conversation not in quiet contemplation.
Fee: This call costs $125 and will be billed via PayPal.

6) Proposal. We will create a marketing proposal based on our initial conversation. That proposal will include fees to complete the suggested projects with Curious City. This will be a proposal you can share with your agent, editor, illustrator or anyone on your book team. These ideas are now your ideas to use as you see fit.
Fee: This proposal will be billed to you via PayPal for $125. If you choose to proceed to work with Curious City on the proposed projects, this $125 will be credits back to you on your next invoice.

7) Proposal Conversation. Want to work with us? We will schedule another call to go over the proposal. In that conversation we will decide which projects we will do and in what order. We respect the skills of others. If there is a part of the project you want to farm out to yourself or another talented creature on your team, we would be delighted to share the to-do’s!

8) Work Plan. From the proposal conversation, we will create a spreadsheet of goals, tasks, and target dates.

9) Scheduling. Curious City is a small group working on multiple books at one time. We will work closely with you to determine the release of stages of your marketing.

10) Billing. Curious City asks for up to 50% of a project’s fees up front. This will be billed via PayPal. The remainder will be billed upon completion by the same means.

Call Kirsten Cappy at Curious City 207-420-1126 or email her at with further questions.

We look forward to working with you!!