Discovery Tools for Picture Books

Curious City’s Kirsten Cappy Test Driving Snail Tentacles with Mini Beret


Curious City believes strongly that when you engage young readers with story beyond the page, you create committed picture book readers. When you provide children’s programmers (librarians, educators, literacy specialists, parents, and booksellers) with free activities to engage with those readers, you create strong discovery for your picture book. Every time an engagement tool is used, your book in introduced.

Each of the Picture Book Discovery Tools (fiction and non-fiction) we create are instantly shared with our 2,000+ children’s book programmer (educators, librarians, booksellers, literacy group and parents) subscribers on our sister site and are often shared in book professional forums with five times that circulation.  The tools remain in our “catalog” of kidlit engagement tools indefinitely, creating discovery for your books long after launch.



Story Hours are held multiple times a month in public libraries all over the country. School librarians do read aloud’s with companion activities for scores of students daily.

Curious City Story Hour Kits allow children’s book programmers to play with the rich content of your book through games, songs, crafts, costumes, and treasure hunts. The kits contain not only all the materials for this “play” in a tidy PDF, but also extensive instructions on how to prepare for an event and how to market the event.

When one of our Story Hour Kits is used, programmers celebrate and introduce your book to large groups of students and families.  Each kit provides a memento to be taken home by the wee reader to remind families of the book title and their rich experience with it. Story Hour Kits are not just marketing items that launch your book, they continue to create discovery long after the book’s release.

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Unless requested, Curious City does not write traditional curriculum for picture books. Instead we create story-based, hands-on educational activities that can be used in multiple literacy settings. Made available and shareable as PDF’s, these activities can be used in classrooms, libraries, homes, and at any literacy event.

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Curious City produces celebrations of picture books in video form. Explore our Book Trailers and Author and Illustrator Profile videos.