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“As a published author of two children’s picture books, with two more on the way (from major publishers), I still found myself at a crossroads in my writing career.  I knew I needed to do much more to promote my books in this fiercely competitive marketplace, but I was completely overwhelmed and intimidated by the whole promotional jungle.

Then my “fairy godmother”, in the form of Kirsten Cappy, appeared.  Although she had no magic wand, she did have: expertise, knowledge of the children’s book market, technological know-how, realistic expectations, integrity, boundless creative energy, connections in the library and publishing field, the respect of many major publishing houses, and a passion for children’s literature, and a desire to make my book “sparkle” for the right readers at the right time.

Using her fount of knowledge and skills, Kirsten transformed my website, designed a book trailer for my upcoming picture book (that the publisher loved so much, they used on their website too), and helped me design an outstanding classroom activity guide.  I look forward to working with her on my two upcoming books, and I sing her praises to all my writer friends, who desperately need a “fairy godmother.”” —Kathleen T. Pelley, author of Magnus Maximus, A Marvelous Measurer

“Curious City has created a number of amazing events for my books. Each time, Kirsten has choreographed every detail and makes  the book a  3-dimensional experience. Working with Curious City taught me so much about marketing and how a unique event can take a book  to people and places I had never imagined. Now part of the fun of having a book published is having Kirsten work with me on how it is introduced to readers. It’s a pleasure to work with her.” —Melissa Sweet, author and illustrator of Tupelo Rides the Rails

Kirsten is smart, creative, energetic, and most important, passionate about getting the right books into the hands of the right readers. She knows just how to catch the attention of librarians, booksellers, and book buyers. And her genuine enthusiasm for books and authors and kids comes through in everything she does-which means that her events and campaigns really stand out!
Sarah L. Thomson author of Dragon’s Egg

Curious City  took my dream and applied confident doses of online savvy, marketing know-how, and graphics expertise.  Then they sent it out to the world, through a remarkable Rolodex.  Now this small story will approach its potential audience.  I can’t thank Curious City enough.  And they’re a joy to work with!
Phillip Hoose, author of Hey, Little Ant

It’s such a kick working with Kirsten because she has the skills not just to imagine an amazing range of brilliantly conceived activities related to a particular book, but also to make many of them actually happen. Her superb organization helped us figure out a broader promotion campaign that has generated ongoing opportunities for sharing the book- most notably at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History for the Washington Festival of Korea.
Anne Sibley O’Brien, author/illustrator of The Legend of Hong Kil Dong

Kirsten is one of my favorite people to sit and brainstorm ideas with.  Over the years that I have worked with Kirsten (planning learning expeditions, organizing author visits and other library events), she has been an extremely knowledgeable and creative colleague and collaborator.
–Kelley McDaniel, Librarian, King Middle School, Portland, ME

I could never have pulled off the Parrotfish Prom without Kirsten! She was full of great, innovative ideas to begin with, and full of energy to follow through on them when the time came. When a last-minute problem arose with our venue, Kirsten stepped in to handle it before I could freak out. And she’s more organized than you could ever be. Believe me, you don’t want to party without her!
Ellen Wittlinger, Author of ParrotFish

Kirsten was the only one person I knew who could create a launch event in keeping with the spirit of my book.  Plans were made, PR went out, invitations were sent, the food, the hunt, the goodie bags were all in place.  Doors opened and we were flooded with kids and grown-ups for 3 hours. It was magnificent.  Kirsten made it easy for me.  I only had to do the things I was good at and she did the rest.  A lot of press began and the book is still going strong, and I believe that’s in part because of the fanfare we created.  We’re now making plans for the next book.  I trust her expertise in the book world and marketing to find creative ways to promote my books.  Not to mention, she throws one heck of a party.
Melissa Sweet, author and illustrator of Carmine: A Little More Red

Kirsten’s event planning showcases her creativity, and her attention to detail and planning will ensure that your event will be more memorable, fun, and pleasurable than you can imagine!
–Diane Skog, Executive Director, Raising Readers

The Children’s Museum of Maine was delighted with Curious City’s book event.  Our executive director and I agreed that this was one of the best events we’ve hosted at the Museum.  The event was well-planned, engaging for our visitors, and just plain fun!
–Sheryl Kingery Mays, Children’s Museum of Maine

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