Author Has Mercy (And TV Appearance)

Children’s author Sarah L. Thomson was invited by the producers of the Travel Channel’s program Monumental Mysteries to recount the strange life (and death) of Mercy Brown, the inspiration for Sarah’s young adult novel, Mercy: The Last New England Vampire (Islandport Press).


Sarah L. Thomson author of MERCY at Mercy Brown's Grave

Sarah L. Thomson author of MERCY at Mercy Brown’s Grave


After all of the research Sarah did on the 19th Century tuberculosis outbreak that led bizarrely to accusations of vampirism, Curious City built a website for the book and encouraged Sarah to blog about her research and other connections to Mercy Brown and the modern vampire craze.  The work paid off as she was invited  by the marvelous producers to be their expert on poor Mercy and the strange events 3 months after her death.  See Event Album.