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  Gen-u-ine voice.  Boy, oh, boy does Tommy Greenwald have it in his new chapter book, Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading.  It was not surprise, then, when Tommy told me that Tim Ditlow of Brilliance Audio had acquired the title.  Tim has impeccable instinct for narrative voice.   In the hotel lobby of the NESCBWI conference, Tommy played me a clip of Odyssey Honoree, MacLeod Andrews voicing Charlie Joe.  In the words of the character, “Awesome.”   As you know, we DO love creating tools for the vanguards of literacy, librarians.  In that vaguely...

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Raj at your Story Hour

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  Remember the days when there were SO many posters produced by publishers for children’s books?  I was just recalling how my wonderful boss at the Wheaton College Library, Jean Callahan,  would come back from ALA with armloads.  She would take little student me into her office and allow me to secret them away to line my dorm room walls.  That, of course, is the trouble with creating a poster for a book–the posters often do not end up places where they will advertise the book.   But what did I just do?  I created a poster for a children’s book.   It is,...

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For Librarians: Chapter Book Giveaway that Helps Breast Cancer Research

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In honor of Breast Cancer Month, author Charlotte Agell will be giving away a dozen copies of the chapter book The Accidental Adventures of India McAllister.   For every librarian who enters to win, the author will give $1 to Project Pink.*   Why?  The character, India’s artist mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor.  In fact, on page 24 you will spot an illustration of India’s mom artistic reaction to loosing her breast.   Some people flipping through the book have wondered about this illustration and wondered WHAT it was doing in a book“…rooted in a...

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