Marketing Story: Resources for SCBWI Austin (and Others)

Illustration © Aliki from THE LISTENING WALK

Illustration © Aliki from THE LISTENING WALK

Thank you SCBWI friends for joining Curious City for the webinar Marketing Story: Or How I was Bit by an Ora!   Although, it was a little odd to talk at my laptop for 105 minutes, it was grand to know you were on the other end.  I offered you some follow-up resources in those sweet minutes.  Comment below if I missed any of those promised materials!

Discovering Your Readers: An Exercise
Use this exercise to investigate who in the reading universe will respond most to your story and how to reach them.  Download here.

Librarians=Amazon Warriors: Programming Guides
Visit our educator and librarian website to explore programming guides including Story Hour Kits, Book Club Kits and other Event Guides.  The Here Come the Humpbacks!: Migration Game that we explored can be found here!

Marcia asked about marketing for historical novels.  Explore the Book Club Kit for Searching for Silverheels here!

Mind Over Mission: Terry Farish’s Book Trailer
We discussed how deeply author Terry Farish went into the mission and community of her novel The Good Braider.  This is the fabulous music video produced by performer OD Bonny for the title.

Picture Book Authors Partnering with Illustrators on Promotions
Mollie asked about author and illustrator picture book marketing partnerships.  Have a look at the grand giveaway partnership between author Nancy Tupper Ling and illustrator Alina Chau here.

Coloring Between the Lines: White Bias
While many of us are talking about #WeNeedDiverseBooks, author/illustrator/educator/activist Anne Sibley O’Brien is making sure that white folks understand, acknowledge and work beyond their bias.  Explore that conversation here.

WordPress Wonders: How Indexing Your Blog Helps Your Readers
Here I get nerdy about how WordPress helps clever you and nerdy about, well, hobbits.

Attack of the Acronyms
Marsha pointed out that I “mentioned a number of organizations by their initials.”  That I did!  Let me open them up!

ALA (American Library Association)

ALSC (Association for Library Service to Children)

YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association)

IRA (International Reading Association)

IBBY (International Board for Books for Young People)

STEM Resources
Curious City loves the resource page, STEMWorks.  “Make a Recommendation” (bottom on the page) for your STEM-aligned activities.

Queen of Skype Visits & Resources: Author Kate Messner
Have a look at the resources and articles Kate has gathered here.

Working with Curious City
Many of you asked how one works with Curious City.  Voila!  The details are here.

What else?  What am I missing??

Remember, marketing=telling stories.
You have that covered, friend.



  1. Kirsten,

    I’m so grateful for your advice, comments and resource links! Besides “devouring” your webinar words, I’m savoring all the information here. Thanks for being so willing to help us. I’ve published heavily in the educational market and am working desperately to publish in the trade market. What a difference!

    With your ideas and encouragement, I find myself rejuvenated. Thank you! Thank you!


    • Marsha, thank you for saying so. Your comments have rejuvenated ME!